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Why Choose a Wire Dog Crate?

A wire crate is one of the best crates available for home use.  They are great for crate training and housebreaking.  Most fold flat for easy storage and can be made into a comfortable home for your pet with a crate bed and or cover.  Dogs are den animals by nature and a wire crate can simulate that den and provide a comfortable sanctuary for your pet.

Midwest iCrate Double Door
Midwest iCrates

Folding style medium duty wire crate.  Perfect for crate training and housebreaking.  Available in single and double door models and 7 sizes.

Was: $49.99 - $174.99
Now: $39.99 - $164.99 On Sale
Midwest Life Stages Dog Crate w/ Dog
Midwest Life Stages Dog Crates

Classic medium duty wire crate!  Life Stages has been around for many successful years.  Available in 6 sizes and single and double door models.

Was: $59.99 - $184.99
Now: $49.99 - $174.99 On Sale
Midwest Ovation Dog Crate
Midwest Ovation Dog Crates

Patent pending "Up and Away Door", and all the features of a high end crate. Single door or Ovation Trainer two door models in 5 sizes.

Was: $69.99 - $167.99
Now: $59.99 - $157.99 On Sale
Midwest Ultima Pro 48 Crate
Midwest Ultima Pro Triple Door Dog Crates

The strongest Midwest Crate!  Tough enough to handle untrained and aggressive dogs.  7 gauge wire vs. the traditional 9 or 11 gauge wire.

Was: $84.99 - $204.99
Now: $74.99 - $194.99 On Sale
Midwest XXL Dog Crate
Midwest XXL Dog Crates

XXL Size crate for the biggest dogs!  Available in both single and double door models.  Extra sturdy wire holds the biggest of breeds.

Was: $219.99 - $309.99
Now: $199.99 - $289.99 On Sale
Pet Gear the Other Door Steel Crate
Pet Gear The Other Door® Steel Crates

Heavy duty blow molded plastic, steel inserts and rounded corners.  Patented "garage style door."  3 sizes and multiple colors available.

Was: $149.99 - $269.99
Now: $129.99 - $249.99 On Sale


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