Happy Dog in Bed

Dog Beds

We have beds that cool, beds that heat, orthopedic beds, memory foam beds, and more.  There is one to fit every pet with the many styles and sizes available.

Puppy in a dog crate

Dog Crates

Crates are still one of the most important training tools for dogs.  Wire, plastic, soft, aluminum, airline, wicker and wood crates. There's a "den" for every canine here.

Midwest Dog Exercise Pen

Dog Exercise Pens

Provide a safe environment for your pet to play!  Fantastic for dogs and all types of pets and animals. Easy to set up and take down.  Many styles to choose from.

Dogs in their dog house

Dog Houses

Provide a comfortable shelter for your canine companion, and keep your pet protected from the elements.  Many styles and sizes of houses to fit any pet's specific needs.

puppy in a dog kennel

Outdoor Dog Kennels

Keep your outdoor pet safe from harm and from getting lost.  Safety is the top priority of an outdoor kennel.  Available in different styles and sizes.

Retriever Contained by Pet Containment System

Pet Containment Systems

A safe, economical method for keeping your pet safely contained in your yard.  Electronic pet containment systems provide a great alternate to traditional fences.

Terrier in a small dog carrier

Small Dog Carriers

Provide a stylish and safe place for your small pet.  Some are for toting, some are backpacks, some have wheels, many are airline approved.  Many colors, and styles.

A Brief Look at Canine Crate Store

Welcome to Canine Crate Store!  We are your headquarters for the best dog crates, kennels, carriers, and just about any canine related product you can think of.  We are a small family owned business dedicated to offering you the customer the personalized service you can only find from a small family business owned by people who have and love their dogs.  We have partnered with some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the business to bring your the best dog products delivered directly to your door whlle allowing us to keep our business small, and minimize our footprint by eliminating the middle man, and the overhead, fuel, and utilities used to ship and store products in a warehouse.  Thank you for visiting our website!